Dear Mr. President,

Hello papa, I’m writing this letter at the moment that seems to be the toughest time of your life, back then, before I was born you had been in the highest office in the land of Zimbabwe for 15 years, today I’m double two as Wes would put it and papa you’re still what they call the incumbent. I’m told you started off very well, you had been the hero, legend of the people of Zimbabwe releasing them from the oppression at the hands of the White man.

You envisioned your people to be intelligent giving them the western education and eradicating poverty, papa you did well in your course. The people lived well until power got into your head papa. You turned your back on the people. On the hands that fed you, started looting and oppressing the very same people you saved from oppression. Today you’re replacing your leg with your arm for the presidency, heavens must be angry and people are definitely tired since Zimbabwe is not a monarch.

So papa, how about you just leave in peace and salvage whatever is left of your legacy that is if there is any left, make some of us, your fellow Africans proud. Show the young leaders the right way to do things and that power is not matter of life and death anyway. Go relax in some beach in South America probably or even Dubai maybe. I’d have vouched for Diani but well as you already know papa things are not that okay on this end as well. We have been having election fever that seems to last forever, the power at the center stage of it all you look at the problem keenly you realize it’s a lot that’s happening and that had happened, elections is just the trigger to show what really has been happening silently

The police brutality is worsening the situation, when the law enforcement body tasked to keep the people safe turns to be the source of insecurity and probable loss of lives for instance papa today November 17, 2017 five have lost their lives in Nairobi, it’s just sad and that is what we’ve witnessed in Zimbabwe, Uganda and now my own Kenya, personally I think I’ll be scared whenever the elections approaches.

Yours faithfully

Felix liberal minded African.



Whoa whoa hello bae,what’s up malkia😊,

You mind doing utensils later on? come along for a minute or two you need to listen to this..
Must people speak Swahili like honestly,okay I understand it’s a national language so we have to make an attempt but really
YALIYO NDWELE SIPITE😅😅 Wavinya though,bae I know that’s disappointing now that Swahili is your mother tongue kind of your thing😅 but well you see people are different hahaha,
So bae it’s about time we talk about this sensitive issue Wavinya aside ,
Before that though is that a sound of a running tap? Kindly check it out before we are flooded
In the meantime let’s carry on people,
I really hate the idea that thousands of life had to be lost in a massive bloodshed in 2007, for us to realize that these politicians the only thing they care about is themselves and their dirty politics
They don’t value us,they don’t deserve us in any way possible
And if in any case they do value us then our value to them is no different with the cost of a loaf which is a mere sh.50
This is the reason as to why after every five years they come running to us with sh.50 notes that we end up scrambling for in public
People its about time the saying “my vote my voice” had a meaning
And so I know just like me your voices will be heard come 8th August,most of them won’t manage even fifty votes because we have learnt or what do you say people?he he😊
It’s been ages since we gained independence,we have taken steps in various sectors but we are still very sick in the health sector
This is why doctor’s strike and nurses is always looming regardless of the government of the day
If its not salary increment,then hospital pharmacies are lacking drugs or maybe a CBA signed is not being implemented,and this list of causes of the industrial action is never ending.
People it’s about time my vote my voice got a meaning
And so I know just like me your voices will be heard come 8th August.
So about infrastructure I didn’t mean to tell you but you know how our roads are 😅
When you’re out going to your hustle in the morning you know how long you take on the why and when you finally get to your work place well it’s not like you’re cooking using firewood but again you realize that you could be having a funny smell of smoke 😂😂 and your attire Dusty.
I’m here thinking that maybe these could be some of the reasons probably that makes us cry for change,
So that we could have smooth flowing roads like Thika super highway or maybe Bien Aime’s head 😁😁of Sauti sol,what do you say people 😊😊
It’s about time my vote my voice got a meaning and so I believe just like me your voices will be heard come 8th August,right?
I mean we have learnt our lessons.
This is the people’s manifesto or at least wish list of a citizen with sane and liberal mind.✌
8th August,is that day we have the chance to write all the wrongs right,to make the whole world listen by realizing the power of the people,don’t let politician’s 50 bob forecast 50 years of poverty and disease,
I mean we all want a change at some point and time in life and we all love development,
Or what do you say my friends😅😅
To succeed in change and development though there is only one secret and I want thank one person who told me there will never be a secret for two😂,
So people I was told this secret and it’s only fair that you’re also informed right 😀
The secret is that come 8th August,everybody make sure that…
Bae come oon you didn’t turn off that tap for real😌😌

People I garra go I’ll be back to explain that…

Adopted from isabautaimu copyright cc@wesleytusma

Off The Comfort Zone!

​I wish there were a way I could talk to you. Somehow skirt around all the buzzwords and inflammatory memes. Avoid the phrases that cause you to relegate real events to political discussions, instead of arousing your sleeping sense of indignity at what is crushing the soul of our country and our humanity.  I want to loosen that tight grip you have on your heart, for you are strangling yourself.The tighter you clamp your heart shut, the more you are constricting blood flow to your brain. Emotion has to go through your heart to get to your mind. Insight requires migration through your mind and back down to your heart. It is the circulatory system of knowledge. Knowing what is just and what is unreasonable.

You need to be affected by these hunger strike deaths,You need to be affected by how we have all been failed by the people we put into a role of authority. Those whom wield power must be held to a higher standard.If they choose to accept the role of authority,they must also accept scrutiny.They need to be smarter than us, quicker to glean the crux of a situation, and slower to react to heightened emotional provocation. This is a fair expectation—for our people in power to live up to the badge we have given them. I know you feel resistive but think of all the other areas where you easily summon up the expectation of justice and fairness: business, money. The government. We all inherently want the system to be scrupulous and unbiased. We want the institutions to work the way we’ve been told they should.
I feel that you, especially, are quite equipped to stand up to this flawed establishment. You are just as skeptical of authority as the ones in which you currently seem unable to condole with.I even wonder why you aren’t the loudest of all of us demanding change, reform,accountability. I wonder why you don’t feel manipulated by the smooth talkers whispering in your ear and pitting you against your people. Yes,your people, Kenyans. Perhaps they contribute to your unwillingness to recognize abuse within an institution you hold up as honorable.
What can I say to you that won’t make you defensive? I want to tell you to look at your family. Your children. Envision them getting pulled over and something going horribly wrong. Imagine the phone call informing you of their demise. The loss of control. The terror. The inability to change the outcome. It’s not a political thing. It’s not an ideological platform or an agenda or an opinionated debate point. It’s not even who is right or wrong. It’s just you, and your dead child. You can connect to that, right? Take out the rhetoric, and you can relate, right? Can you loosen your opinions, your vice-like grip even a little bit, and let in the shock of bitter loss? I want to believe you can.
I’d like to ask you to empathize. Just a little. Picture living in a community where no one looks like you. A community that has been told to fear you. And you have been told to fear them.  Just picture it. Feel uncomfortable, feel anxious about how you are perceived. I wonder if you need to experience this ‘difference’ to find common ground. Proximity can often breed compassion. I don’t know how else to counter the very human urge to believe that one’s opinions about the world are truth. That how things are for you are how they are for everyone. They are not. Acknowledging that on a fundamental level is not betraying your traditions or your politics or your way of life. It is a neutral acknowledgment. It is part of being a real person.

I can’t seem to figure you out. I’m confounded by your refusal to look and see what is happening. I’m often embarrassed, and I’m tempted to write you off and name you hopeless. But maybe that you feel fear is a good step. I say go into that fear. Feel uncomfortable. Be the unfavored group. Allow yourself to see what it is like to be characterized. Maybe it’s just finally your turn to see me as your fellow country man not Maa,Kisii or Meru and even the Ogiek,but Kenyan just as you are too.


Always Touching and Never Touched

  • The  dust is settling on the surface
  • Relaxing with the certainity so still, so sure of their place in the world
  • Under  our feet and
    Above our heads
    Everything in betweenHow did they arrive at such a time?
  • How and when did the dust acquire the sense of belonging,the knowledge of rootedness?
  • Where and by what methods did they assemble in such a perfection?They are in so much unity, that  granting them plurality
    Could be as well be  imprecation of the English language
    The dust, they are called and not dustsAlways infurated in their flight
  • Swept away by the storm and even calm wind, they are displaced
    But are never out of placeSo irritating  is their indifference
    Finding equal footing amongst ledges or leaves
    Shrugging their shoulders as they land in some speciality surfaceSo infuriating is their nondiscrimination
    Mingling with paraphernalia of the past and present alike
    They touch everything, unaffected by associations
  •  Sometimes I wish I were we were the dust
    Flying, nonchalant, indiscriminate
    Carefree, like the nomads nomadicAmongst ledges or leaves
    In the past or the present
    Untouched, but forever touching

Why Technology won’t ruin us.

People today express concern about how smartphones and technology are damaging the youth more so the teenage bracket,this worries me but I believe there can be some positive in this.This anxiety that internet is going to ruin real human interactions is probably reminiscent of parents in the 50s who  were worried that Elvis shaking his “hips” was the devil.Let’s be clear here,being concerned about cultural progression “damaging us as a society” always repeats itself with the current and will continue to play it’s self out like every time,see what am explaining here.

What’s happening with technology in our culture and society is just evolution.Millennial are not so different from generation x,y or any other previous generation as far as  being affected by culture shift is concerned.From 1940s up to around early 70s,people had their heads in the newspapers and their ears to the radio.And by the 80s,it was the TV and now what about everyone today on their laptops,tablets and smart phones at their own pleasure? See what I’m getting at?

[photo courtesy of washy]

Technology is not undermining real human interactions,instead it exposes people for who they really are.I am a youth and I have been asked almost all youths have been asked and even old folks have been asked many times,”what are we teaching the young people?”

I watch ladies of my age and even younger ones not leaving behind guys spend better part of their time taking the best selfies,post it on Instagram and sometimes apparently,take the pictures down if they don’t get enough desired likes.This superficial behavior tends to concern pundits who thinks technology is the cause of this appearance driven,attention seeking behavior in teens,the thing is teens have always strive to be liked and sought attention of their peers and significant others.

Selfies on Instagram is just another evolution of this same behavior.Parents are concerned their children will not be able to socialize and that technology is ruining their ability to effectively converse with each other. It is  said that the interactions on Snap chat or Facebook “aren’t real” and are alienating kids from the world.See this,I would argue that children, who have “no friends” in school now have the opportunity to make friends online through Twitter,Instagram, and other social platforms. It is easier than ever to find a community with similar interests through social media. The next generation of parents might and I repeat might just wish for the days of Instagram selfies when the virtual reality world takes hold.

Technology is not changing us, instead it has just ease how we engage in behaviors that we would rather be doing anyway. Some families watched TV instead of talking to each other in the 90s coming through to 2004 and even more recent. Today, those same families play candy crush,fifa on their phones,chat on Whatsaap and check their likes on Instagram during dinner.I’m not telling anyone how your family should be spending time with each other, but there is always going to be something in every generation that is going to “bring us down” as a society.” Either you are a pessimist or optimist on this issue. I am an optimist.I believe this is just another evolution.



Welcome to my world step up right
I’ll give you the confidence
I’ll bring you a lot of luck
I’ll be your friend,a companion for life
I’m never going to desert you
In all your hardest time I’ll be there

Once you have chosen me
You will never look back
And soon you will be hooked
Then it will be my time to attack
I will strip you all your dignity
Morals and your pride
I will claim your good soul
And you will feel dead inside

I’m smart, I can be cunning
I’m patient and I am very quick
I will take all your money
Then you will beg,steal and lend
You will be mine now


And this nightmare won’t end
By the time you realize that
I’m not what I claim to be
You will be in depths of despair
And this beast in me won’t be tamed
The feelings of self loathing
Will be too much and unbearable

You chose to be my friend
you put me right there yourself
I will take you to places,you didn’t know to be real


You chose to be my friend
You put me right there by yourself
I will take places,you didn’t know to be real
I will drag you down to lowest

If you knew this from the beginning
Would you have stepped onto my ride
Roll up roll up
Now you have to decide quickly

I promised we would be friends
Said I would be loyal and true
Funny thing you didn’t even ask my name
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Partnership dream

Not once did I expect this to happen to me
Never even in my wildest dream that I have
fallen and now this has happened in a dream,
I have fallen for a girl who is not my bouncy princess

Neither to someone who is my friend.
It must been your beauty and sweetness that overwhelms my mind and heart

Or your killer smile that makes me dream
I don’t know the reason for me to feel this way and I really don’t care
One thing for sure I know, this strange sizzling feeling
grows stronger everyday
All this time I’ve been honestly praying
For you to see and look at me as a man
Every now and then I wake up
That I can be your guy, not just a
That we can be together
And share a bond.
You know the game rules
But I ain’t a game player.
So I’ve been dreaming
That you can ;
Let me kiss you.
Let me feel the softness
of your lips against mine.
Let me taste you.
Let me breathe in your desire.
Fingers entwined
just once let me be more.
Hold you close feel
the curve of your hip
with my fingers as my tongue tours you neck.

Hold you closer.
Feel the beat of my heart
and the warmth of my blood
as it pumps just for you.
Whisper sacred thoughts of sensuality to you and run my fingers across your body
as we respond to our voices.
Let our bodies bond together in melted
harmony, fill me
with your need, deeply, pull open your
legs and pull you in closer,hold me with vigor as if you were to fall into lion’s den and you find help in my shirt but am also falling down,hold me.
Slowly rocking to the beat of our pulse.
Faster, faster, harder.
Fingers entwined push you onto the
white sheets wrestle and wrestle,then look deep into
your eyes for a moments recognition,assurance and go ahead
Hold me. Watch me.
Feel me as spasms of pleasure spread
through our one embodied body as
your arms hold me, as your lips taste
me, as my fingers feel you.
Watch as the bodies throbs
against another,
In unison.
Bodies held together
with a primal need for desire.
Thoughts held together
through the locked moment of
connection. Take you
to this place where together
the moment can be for us me and you just two.
And we can always be partners in beautiful partnership,something stronger better and sweeter than a relationship,in partnership where you’re free and free and love freely

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